AS Paper 1 - Past Paper Solutions

Business Structure 

11 marks


d) Evaluate the likely impacts on the local community if FN changes from a co-operative to a
public limited company. [11]

Stakeholders in a business

12 marks

5(b) Discuss the view that a public limited company should prioritise the aims of its shareholders rather than those of other stakeholder groups. 

CSR/Business Ethics

12 Marks


Discuss why the shareholders of a public limited company might disagree with having corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a business objective.


Management and Leadership (A vs LF)

Management and Leadership (A vs LF)

5 (a) Analyse the difference between autocratic and laissez-faire leadership. [8]

Management and Leadership (Democratic)

Management and Leadership (Democratic)

(b) ‘A democratic style of leadership is the most effective leadership style for a manufacturing business in a very competitive industry.’ Discuss this view. [12] Paper 11


Discuss the likely impact on the marketing mix of a bank that decides to make
increasing use of the Internet to provide its services.

 Just in Time

12 marks


Discuss the factors which could influence the successful operation of Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory management. 

Finance Solution

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