IGCSE Paper 2 - Past Paper Solutions


8 marks

Identify and explain how the following two stakeholder groups might be affected by SA’s plans to expand.  

Leadership Styles

12 marks

Consider three leadership styles the Operations manager could use in the new factory. Recommend which leadership style should be used to improve decision-making. Justify your answer

Niche Marketing (8 marks)

Identify and explain one advantage and one disadvantage to SA of starting to sell new products
in a niche market.

Lean Production

(8 marks)

Identify and explain two ways SA could use lean production in its factory.


12 marks

Consider the weekly forecasts in Appendix 2 for the two additional services Bethany could choose. Which additional service should Bethany choose to offer? Justify your answer.


8 marks

Identify and explain two opportunities and two threats for businesses

in country Z from

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