Hi, I’m Eddie 

also known as Mr Bradley, Mr B or Teacher Eddie

             I’m the guy behind Cambridge Business Essentials.

How I got here..

I was a classroom teacher for 10 years and I loved it!
I got to teach students from all over the world - help them improve, and have fun.
However, I also saw how some students needed further support.
Inevitably, some students get left behind while others aren’t challenged enough.
Above all, as an examiner, it breaks my heart to see countless examples of excellent students who don’t get the grades they deserve, because they lack the exam technique essential to succeed.

Then I had  a lightbulb moment!
Harnessing technology to support
students specifically in CAIE Business

My Mission

Helping students get the grades they deserve

That could be as simple getting some last-minute exam tips...

or a complete IGCSE self guided course.

All students needs are different and their needs are continually changing -

I wanted to make a platform to propel all students to achieve their potential in Cambridge International Business Examinations.

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